mETAL Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace

Kanfit 3D  was initially started as an offshoot of Kanfit Ltd., an aerospace engineering company with over 30 years of experience manufacturing and integrating primary and detailed parts, subassemblies and ready-to-mount assemblies made from composites, and sheet and block metals. Therefore it is only natural that the aerospace industry be considered a core competency. since we understand the challenges faced on a daily basis. With this in mind, we are fully capable to provide the following services to major aerospace OEM’s using our extensive in-house capabilities and robust supply chain.

Production Qualification:

Kanfit 3D can work with you to design the right product to ensure you have the information to put your parts into service. We provide traceability from original feed stock to final testing to give you confidence that the job was done right.

Serial Production:

Kanfit 3D is one of the few aerospace additive manufacturing companies in the world that has supplied flight critical components to the aerospace industry.

We understand what it takes to manufacture these parts and to ensure that they hold up to the toughest conditions.

When you want high-quality additive manufacturing, look no further than Kanfit 3D to help you accomplish your goals.


Why Additive Manufacturing?

We are often asked why should additive manufacturing be used in the first place. It comes down the three simple challenges in manufacturing:


  •  Low volume


  • High complexity


  • Long lead time


If you encounter any of these challenges, then 3D printing should be considered.

For low volume applications, the ability to eliminate tooling and programming could mean a significant cost savings.

The 3D technology also allows customers to develop products that are uniquely customized to their needs.

The issue of complexity allows both the engineer and the customer to use their imagination and create products that historically were technically impossible or too costly to achieve. Often engineers are forced to make compromises based on available manufacturing technologies. 3D printing gives you another tool to achieve that perfect part.


Another major benefit of metal 3D printing is a lead time.

Because there is a reduced level of tooling, your parts can be delivered more quickly than parts produced using traditional manufacturing processes.

Kanfit 3D in Action

Reverse Engineering:

Kanfit 3D has the ability to reverse engineer legacy and out of production parts when 3D CAD models and blueprints are unavailable. For instance, Kanfit 3D is working with a large aerospace defense contractor to provide this service for a legacy military training application.

Rapid Design Iteration:

We are working together with Addaero Manufacturing, a leader in metal alloy-based additive manufacturing for the aerospace and defense industries, for the rapid manufacture of functional prototype military hardware. This allows our customers to perform rapid design iterations in order to quickly find an optimal solution.

Manufacturing Trials:

Kanfit 3D can quickly deliver additive manufacturing parts and prototypes to aid in the optimization and certification of manufacturing processes such as machining, welding and brazing.

Research and Development:

Kanfit 3D is actively involved in AATID, a consortium for the development of advanced technologies for three dimensional printing of titanium aerostructures.


Kanfit 3D is actively looking for opportunities in the following areas:

 Additive Manufacturing New Material Development

 Additive Manufacturing Parameter Development 

 Additive Manufacturing Process Certification/Quality

 Additive Manufacturing Post Processing



 Lead Time

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