Custom-specific implantS: 

Kanfit 3D delivers tailor-made, flexible solutions for the medical industry, including orthopedic applications.
Kanfit 3D offers the quick and cost-effective production of high-quality patient-specific implants and disposable surgical instruments.
Many medical devices and patient-specific implant components are complex, high-quality niche products which are manufactured in small quantities. Conventional production often requires expensive tools, and these costs must be factored into the price of the products.
Additive Manufacturing, on the other hand, requires no tools and therefore enables the cost-effective production of components in a smaller series up to a batch size of one. 

Medical technology companies recognize this outstanding service in which the process is used for product development and production. In this way, we are able to not only increase product value but also to lower production costs.

Kanfit 3D specializes in custom-specific implant production and is the contract manufacturer of choice for the global medical implant industry. Our customers are located around the world.

Our main strength is that all our manufacturing services you require under one roof, at our facilities in Israel.


We have state of the art, validated production technologies such as 3D metal printing,

combined with the more ‘traditional’ manufacturing services such as machining, finishing, and clean packaging.


This enables us to be a strategic partner for the full-service, single-source supply of your high-quality medical products.


Application Areas:

Orthopedic implants, both machined and 3D printed


Orthopedic instruments

Our strengths:

   Full-service and outsourcing provider for medical implant manufacturing


   ISO 13485, ISO 9001 registered


   Traceability, from raw material to final product

   Highly experienced staff in the medical manufacturing  industry


   VMI based production


   Long and reliable relationships with our customers


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