Kanfit 3D offers:

Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Hybrid Manufacturing (combining AM and CNC)

Prototyping services for aerospace, medical, dental and industrial applications


Customized surgeon-specific instrumentation

Concept development and engineering services 

Product ideation—from prototype to manufacturing

Research services for Additive Manufacturing technology

Company expertise:

At Kanfit 3D, we believe that engineering and technology can be used even more effectively in the healthcare arena to benefit individual patients.

Every human body is different and unique and, therefore, each patient’s anatomy should be the starting point for the design and engineering of individual implants and prosthetics.

We are able to bridge the gap between the physician and individually engineered products.

As such we provide patient-specific implants to reconstruct parts of the human skeleton.

Our machinery and capabilities:

Machinery and accessory equipment 


A total of seven (CNC) machines at your disposal: 

4- and 5-Axis (high speed) milling machine centers

CNC turning and milling machine centers

Swiss lathe turning machine centers 

3D metal printing (Titanium)

CNC grinding and CNC cylindrical grinding

Wire and sinker electrical discharge machining


Laser engraving


Vacuum Heat Treatment furnace

Contact us:
Kanfit 3D
8 Hamerkava Street
Tziporit Industrial Zone
Nof Hagalil 1789064 Israel
Int'l Tel: +972-4-616-9300
US Toll Free: 1-888-203-4437
Fax: +972-4-616-9380
Mobile: +972-54-755-4222 (Zachy)
E-Mail :zachy_s@kanfit3d.com
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